How to make a home more Eco-friendly.

Collaborative Post

How eco-friendly is your home? Making a home more eco-friendly, was easier than I thought it might be. When we started our greener journey several years ago. I thought it would be incredibly difficult to make our home eco-friendly. It felt overwhelming. But, the reality is that there are so many simple things you can do to make you home eco-friendly, and some major changes too of course! I recently read a really interesting article which discussed the importance of understanding the environmental issues around energy consumption. It got me re-thinking about the changes in my home to make it more eco-friendly. There are so many changes I can still make!

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

Eco-friendly Home Improvements

These are the bigger solutions to making a home more eco-friendly. I think of them as the things which cost more, but will potentially give the long term gains. Solar Panels I think are perhaps what most people think of instantly when they think of making a home eco-friendly. They are quite an investment, but you’re contributing greener energy to the grid. I also really like the way they look on houses! They make a statement which says you care about how your energy is produced. I’ve not been in a position to experience solar panels myself, but they certainly look an interesting prospect if you’re in the position to invest in them.

I think one of the most important home improvements which helps your home be more eco-friendly is replacing doors and windows with double glazing. Double glazing will help your home to retain heat, and so you’ll save money, but also you won’t be wasting energy. Saving energy really is an eco-friendly choice! Companies like https://www.threecountiesltd.co.uk can also provide triple glazing – which can help keep your home a little warmer. Don’t worry if you want to keep wooden window frames, you can get double glazing in wooden frames. So you can maintain an aesthetically pleasing look, while still being eco-friendly! It seems such a simple solution to reduce your consumption by reducing your need.

Keep it simple

When you decide to make your home more eco-friendly, start with something super simple. Believe it or not, choosing your energy provider carefully is a simple way to make your home little more eco! Try to select a greener energy supplier, that way you’re supporting renewable energy!

I would suggest looking for some tips on where to begin. There are lots of blog posts with simple ideas on how to go eco-friendly at home. Then make a checklist of things you’re going to do. Some things you can probably do straight away, like make a draft excluder for your internal doors – believe me they do help keep the heat in and reduce my energy usage! Other things I’m still investigating are the use of smart technology – will it help us to have a light our heating connected to an app so we can turn things off or control the temperature easily? I’m not totally convinced, as we’re quite good at switching things off, but it’s one I will continue to look at.