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The one where I start running..

I have put off starting the couch to 5k. I am really not a runner and the thought of it has just made me want to weep. Then, there’s the very real problem that I’ve had the most horrible cough for the last 3 weeks. I didn’t think that running with a cough would be the best idea! This morning I woke up early, and the sun was shining. My trainers were sat there looking sad. It seemed ludicrous that I had all the kit, but was still putting off getting going.

Nike Running Trainers

I made the decision; put the running stuff on, and just start. I told myself that I would see how I was doing, and when it got too tough, I’d stop. (This might seem feeble, but I am still coughing.) Gym kit and trainers on, water bottle full and the trusty couch to 5k app, ready, steady…go!

The first run started with a 5minute warm up walk, I was happy with the walk, then you move into a 60 second run. I was not looking forwards to the run, I mean, I don’t run. Success, I was running, slowly, but definitely running. Then a 90 second walk…still brisk enough to keep my heart rate up. The 60/90second run/walk intervals were ok, I was getting through them! But, I confess, I walked the final “running” interval.  I was struggling, I think in part this was because I was going “oh look!! I’m nearly there!!”. But, I also need to accept, I have never, ever been a runner, ever. Not even when I was physically fit have I ever liked to run anywhere.

I ended feeling pleased that I started today. Even though I was reluctant and I didn’t fully complete Day 1. I have planned Run 2, and I think I’ll do week 1 twice, just to make sure I’m ready to move on to week 2. I think confidence,  will be my key to getting to the 5k mark, and so I plan to build as slowly as I need! It sounds ludicrous when everyone around me seems to readily run 5k. But at the moment, a 5k swim would be easier for me than a 5k run.