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Autumn in the Garden

Autumn, and it’s time to start thinking about all the jobs I need to get done in the garden before winter. There are of course lots of simple things, like putting the garden furniture and toys away. Remembering to secure the trellis so it doesn’t blow away in any high winds. I also want to plant some bulbs, actually I want to plant a lot of bulbs! It’s so lovely having lots of colour in the garden in Spring! Oh, and I need to restock the vegetable patch, although I’m not entirely sure what I should be planting over the winter months? So I’m going to need too research that!

But, there are also lots of jobs which need doing which aren’t quite so interesting. Things like cutting back shrubs, and giving the lawn some maintenance! I spent this weekend cutting back over grown hedges and shrubs. To be honest I’m not entirely sure that it looks any better than when I started! I’m seriously beginning to wonder if it’s time to get a gardener?

Autumn in the garden is wonderful for many reasons, even though there are many jobs. The colours, the smells – there is a definite scent to Autumn. A cross between bonfires and decomposing leaves? It’s not unpleasant, just wildly different to the smell of Spring. The children burn off energy after school, dashing around in wellies. It’s warm enough to be outside still in just a jumper. Plus, I burn off calories by tackling some of the jobs, and then it is soon time to slink indoors for apple crumble.




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