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Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Review

I’ve wanted to try a Natural Deodorant for a while, but it’s something I haven’t got round too, until now! There are many reasons why I’ve looked at switching to natural deodorant. But, primarily due to the chemicals contained in many mainstream deodorants.

I came across Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant after seeing it recommended by an eco-blogger. I was fascinated by the idea that a deodorant could be packaged neatly in a cardboard tube, have no “nasties” and actually work!

Earth Consicous Deodorant amongst pink flowers

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant

Earth Conscious push up range is neatly packed in a cardboard tube. So no plastic waste is created by using this deodorant. I had never thought about the plastic waste I was producing with every purchase of my normal deodorant. But over the course of a year, it adds up!

To apply the deodorant you push it up and gently rub onto your under arm. It has a slightly grainy texture on application, and doesn’t roll on like my traditional deodorant. However, once applied I preferred the way it felt on my skin. I felt like it was nourishing my skin, and there’s no slimy residue.

In honesty, the most important aspect of this review is – does it work?

The idea of natural deodorant is to keep you smelling fresh, but not to stop you sweating. I was worried about this, as I didn’t like the idea of feeling sweaty. I’ve not noticed any uncomfortable sweaty feeling – even though I have worn it while exercising. By the end of the day I still smell nice, and there’s been no under arm staining of my shirts!

I really like Earth Conscious Deodorant, I like the fact that the fragrance is quite subtle, that it appears to nourish my skin. It’s kinder to my skin and the environment too. The negatives, it is not so readily available.*  So as with many eco-friendly options, I need to remember to plan to purchase it before I run out.

Then there is the cost, my conventional deodorant costs under £3, Earth Conscious costs £8, that’s quite a difference. However, it lasts much longer than my old deodorant – so although the initial cost is a bit more I think it is actually quite good value over a year. 


Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant can now be bought in Holland & Barrett stores!