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    Why is Dental Cleaning so Essential?

    This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer Tooth care should always start at home with brushing and flossing, but this is not to say that visits to the dentist are not equally important. Professional dental cleaning not only helps…

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    Pre-loved Furniture

    Have you ever bought used furniture? Maybe an antique or just a second hand bargain? Much of the furniture in my home has been pre-loved, and I really recommend looking at pre-loved before you buy new!

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    Apples, apples everywhere..

    Apple season is finally here, the first apples are ripe and ready to eat or cook! I confess, I love apples for many reasons. In honesty, mostly as the children will all eat them! Having an apple tree means we save on…

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    5 Ways to Prepare for Winter

    Do you prepare your home for Winter? Every year I find myself making a checklist and trying to make sure I’m organised for the cold months. I find a little bit of winter preparation goes a long way, especially if…

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    Travel and adventure.

    Like many people, I have a list of things I’d like to do. It’s not a bucket list exactly, actually it seems to grow as soon as I cross something off! I have two main aspects to my list, first travel, and…

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    Paddle boarding?

    Stand up Paddle boarding is becoming such a popular way to take to the water. I have read so much about it, but worried that perhaps I wasn’t fit enough to give it a go. Finally, I worked up the…

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    A reason to declutter..

    I am in the process of trying to de-clutter the house. When we moved home, I was horrified at how much “stuff” we had, and made a determined effort to declutter. I have to admit that the clutter has got…

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    Creating the perfect room.

    Every year with the seasons changing from Summer to Autumn, my thoughts turn to my home decor. Perhaps it is a natural time to think about home styling as I know I will be spending more hours indoors? This year…