Do you have a Mum Den?

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A house full of young children, sometimes feels like it is a constant clutter battle. I dream of a clutter free, calming space where there is no LEGO to step on! While I adore my children, and know all too well that the LEGO stage will soon be something I look back on and wish it would return. I also would love just a teeny tiny space where toys are banned.

The Mum Den.

One day, I will create the Mum Den. Until I can literally create the Mum Den, I will just live through the planning in this blog post! I would choose a lovely log cabin to fit in the corner of our garden.

Within the Mum Den, I am going to pretend I am going to pretend I am actually living in some upmarket Shepherds hut. Cue, lots of my favourite tweed and sheepskin products for décor.

This really rather fabulous Harris Tweed sofa from John Lewis will be perfect for lazily reclining while I flick through the latest copy of a glossy magazine.

Image: John Lewis

The floor will be covered by beautiful handmade wool rugs, to keep my toes cosy. The joy of  a rug is they can be altered if you decide you need a change of theme to your space. Wool rugs are hard-wearing, but still soft and wonderful.

I would add extra light, and brightness with a fantastic mirror. I really love this one from Amara. It would bring a little sunshine to my Mum Den even when the skies are grey!

The essentials..

I’d also install a wine fridge. Actually I would be keeping it well stocked with sparkling non-alcoholic drinks. Which will of course be sipped from actual glasses, with no cartoon characters imprinted on them. Sorry to disappoint, but there will be no actual wine in the fridge. Not unless I have another Mum coming to visit the Mum den, at which point I may sneak a bottle or two in!

There would also be a wonderful sound system, and a selection of “Mum music” which means strictly no Disney soundtracks, and certainly no Justin Fletcher. Just because I play this music in my car, does not mean I want it in my Mum Den!

Entertainment would be in the form of a selection of books, new releases and some classics which I have been longing to read. I can just imagine how relaxed I would be after an hour or two in the Mum Den. My perfect escape from the stresses of family life, when Mr G can take care of the children while I just chill. No phone, no Wi-Fi and NO little voices yelling “Why have you hovered up my LEGO!!”.

Disclaimer: I actually really like LEGO. No LEGO has been knowingly hovered up…