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Beach Days aren’t just for summer..

Sometimes, the simplest days are the best. We packed up the car with buckets and spades. A picnic blanket and a couple of flasks of soup and headed to our favourite beach. We hadn’t been to that beach for longer than any of us could remember.

Usually on days out, there is moaning or tears from at least one of the children. But the beach seems to bring out the best in them all. We all seem to relax when we visit the beach. We spent 3 hours on the beach, mostly building sandcastles. There was also the obligatory paddle in the sea! The boys got soaked through and I laughed. I am usually the parent grumbling that they have nothing to wear home. I admit, I had packed spare trousers and a big fluffy towel – but I didn’t tell them that until we were all back at the car.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that the simple things are often the most fun. We were really lucky to have such a beautiful sunny Autumn day – perfect for the beach. But, actually, I know we would have had just as much fun in the rain. We could have worn waterproofs, and warmed up with hot chocolate in the car at the end of the outing. Our sandcastle building would have probably been replaced with collecting flat stones to paint. It would have still been a wonderful day. But, sometimes I do forget. I feel I need to make more effort to “do things, go places”.  When actually, sometimes I think for all of us, I need to just slow down. Go back to basics.

Autumn Beach Days

We are planning another beach trip. Maybe this weekend. I am tempted to theme our trip, maybe making a special bonfire picnic, complete with toffee apples, chilli and jacket potatoes. All before we head to the firework display.