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Creating a work space at home.

Working from home, I have found that I need to create a work space. Simply working wherever I feel like it means I waste valuable time gathering things. I have also find that it’s harder to stop working and relax! Creating myself a work space has been something I’ve wanted to do for a little while, and finally I am planning it!

Planning a work space

Having located a well lit corner of our home, I have cleared it to make way for a new desk. It’s actually going to be a new to me desk, rather than new! There’s something really fabulous about furniture which has been upcycled or is second hand. The romantic in me believes that it has many story a tell from it’s previous life.

In an ideal world I’d like a book shelf in my work space. But the reality is I haven’t quite got the space, so I am seeking out some shelving to go above or possibly around my desk.

Selecting a style.

As it’s a work space I want to try to keep the area quite clean and clear of clutter. I love reclaimed styles, and my desk, chair and probably the shelving too will be pre-loved. I think I’m leaning towards almost industrial style, so I can really enjoy carefully selecting pre-loved items. It’s also the kind of style where minimalism, -which I like in a work space, really works. One thing I will be buying new is a desk lamp. Sticking with my theme, I like the idea of a utility style lamp. It looks industrial and almost like a retro lamp. But by buying new I don’t need to worry about having it rewired – or the mechanism failing!

Image: Utility Design

Finishing Touches

Directly above my desk I’m going to place a chalk board. Handy to keep me on track with the days tasks. I have yet to decide whether to buy a chalk board, or make one. I’m not sure how easy it is to use chalk board paint. I also want to have a large clock which will sit on my desk, so I can keep track of time spent.

So that’s my work space at home plan. Do you have a work space at home?


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