Autumn Family Adventures

I love the colours of Autumn. However, I’m not afraid to admit that the short hours of daylight can be miserable. I’d love to say how happy I am cosy at home eating apple crumble. But after a few weeks I find myself longing for sunshine and days spent outdoors.

Autumn Adventures

Pregnant as I am. I’ve decided to challenge us to having adventures this Autumn, whenever we can.

An autumn adventure may be an after-school bike ride. It might be a woodland walk. A hot chocolate under the stars while wrapped up in lots of layers! Or perhaps a weekend away. It’s basically anything which involves getting out and about.

Autumn is always a great time for us as a family to have adventures. Why? Because the days are shorter and nights are longer, it’s too easy to find ourselves slumped on the sofa by 5pm. In Autumn the urge to go to the park after school, or race about the garden vanishes! The weather is often damp and it is harder to be motivated to get out and about. So planning little adventures makes it easier for us to get out there, and do it! We’re going to sling on the wellies, and waterproofs and get outside!

Making Plans..

Weekends are the obvious choice for planning adventures! So, I’m hoping to plan a few big excursions to collect fossils on the beach or find the biggest pinecones. We might even revisit a few favourite places like Corfe Castle.

Weekends aren’t the only time for adventure though. I want to fit our adventures in after school too, this will be harder. But, bike rides, nature walks and den building are going to be at the heart of it. There will of course be plenty of flasks of hot chocolate and tins of flapjacks along the way. It all sounds a little bit Enid Blyton doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I’m aiming for. Searching for adventure and going back to simple ways to have plenty of family fun!