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Applying for Primary School

In a few days, we will be applying for Primary school for Yo. She’s still so little. When she starts school, she will only just be 4. It does feel very odd to be planning her school journey while she’s still only 3.

When I talk about applying to Primary School, people say.. “Have you not thought of deferring her entry?” or “Wow, she will be so very young, how will she cope?” I know they mean well, but these are thoughts which have already crossed my mind. I have already worked these things through in my mind. Yes, she will be very young. No, I don’t think deferring primary school entry is necessarily the answer.

Yo is growing in confidence daily. Her vocabulary is vast. She loves books and listens intently to a story. So, I have no doubt that by next September, she will be ready for school. I’m just not sure that I, will be ready for her to go to school. She might be number 3, but that doesn’t mean I’m any more prepared for starting school than I was first time round! I have all the same worries and concerns that I did first time round. I will undoubtedly sob on the first day she goes in dressed in her new uniform.

Applying for Primary School..

Here our process for applying for a Primary School place is straight forward. From 1st November, there’s an online form which you fill in with your choice or choices. Then you find out sometime in the Spring, March or April I can’t remember which, which place you have been given.

It feels like such a long wait. I’m also sat worrying whether she will get into the school the boys are at. Schools are so over subscribed, what happens if she doesn’t get a place there? Is it worth me rethinking the deferral? Though then I will have to reapply to following year and the result may be the same. It really does worry me that we may not be lucky enough to get a place. Especially as both of the boys are so happy at school.  I suppose I like many other parents will just have to wait and see what happens. Crossing my fingers and hoping that our school run isn’t about to become incredibly complicated.