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Secrets and surprises..

I have been keeping secrets. Now the time has come for me to reveal one secret, my secret. A secret I  never intended on keeping so long. But sometimes, you keep a secret for a while and then you reach an awkward stage of being uncertain how to share the secret. There are lots of reasons why I haven’t shared this news before. But those aren’t reasons I can explain right now. Revealing, will in part explain my sporadic blog posts. For those of you who know me well, it may explain a few things too. So this secret….

I shall just say the words…we are expecting a new addition! I’m pregnant! Expecting a baby! Have a bun in the oven! Baby due in the New Year! All being well our baby bump will be our 4th child.  I’ll write more about exactly how pregnant I am and how I’m feeling soon.


For the next months, I’m going to be writing about pregnancy, and my thoughts on our growing family! While I’m hugely excited, I am also wondering what complications an extra baby will bring!

The children are excited, wondering whether baby will be a boy or a girl. I am not sure whether to try to find out? Or should we just wait for a surprise? I can see reasons for finding out, but equally a surprise may be nice too! But I have a little time to decide on whether to find out or not! So we will see how curious I am by scan day…






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