Back to school lunches for a fussy eater with Taste Inc Chicken.

It’s almost back to school, and for that means for many parents the packed lunch hell returns. My younger son is desperate to have packed lunches, however he is so fussy that I know that if he is given the same packed lunch I make his brother would come home half eaten.

Establishing what doesn’t work.

This sounds ridiculous, but actually my son hates sandwiches. On a good day he might eat a smoked salmon filled bagel, but that is only on a good day! So packed lunches for him cannot contain sandwiches.

What instead?!

We were sent some Taste Inc chicken to try out. This ready to eat chicken is in individual portion packets, ideal to add to a lunch box. It comes in two chargrilled flavours, original and spicy. We preferred the original flavour for the children!


As part of lunch they work well along a little box of “salad”. I use inverted commas as my son’s “salad” is actually cooked baby potatoes, carrots and broccoli. But hey, vegetables are vegetables right!

My son is also happy to eat wraps. So, for a quick fix, slice up a Taste Inc chicken fillet. Spread a wrap with a little salsa, add the chicken, sliced lettuce cucumber and a hint of mayonnaise. One day I hope I can add peppers too!

Thoughts on Taste Inc chicken.

The chicken is tasty, and proved popular with the family. I love the ease of a portion of chicken in the fridge ready to use – or have as a snack on the go. However, the packaging is not readily recyclable and the chicken originates from Thailand – so they have quite a large carbon footprint. Would I buy them? They won’t become part of my regular shop, but they will definitely be on the list for days when the children have a school trip or a family picnic.

Disclaimer; We were sent the Taste Inc Chicken for the purposes of an honest review.