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Pregnancy, fitness and SPD

I wanted to try to stay active during this pregnancy. Mostly because one of my dearest friends is getting married 8 months after my baby is due. I don’t want to feel terrific pressure to lose weight after giving birth. So I wanted to try to keep active to keep my weight mildly under control. I also find that being active makes me feel great!

I planned to keep swimming, walking and doing pilates. However, my pregnant body had other ideas and I’ve been suffering with SPD. Struggling with SPD has meant that I can’t walk very far, and swimming is down to floating only. I have been given a strict set of exercises to do by the antenatal Physio. One of my hamstring muscles has got very tight, so I’m doing lots of stretches to try to release it.

Maternity Active Wear

I’ve been wearing SpeedBump Maternity active wear when I do all my exercises. Their clothes are specifically made for women who want to remain active during pregnancy.  I’ve been impressed with the quality of the clothes – they are on a par with my “normal” gym kit, actually the top is better! I love the Maternity Racer top as it covers my bump well, and does not ride up when I am moving. Being quite tall, I struggle with gym tops riding up, and so I’m really impressed! The material at the sides of the top lets air circulate so you don’t get over heated. It’s a really comfortable material, and feels soft against my skin.


The maternity exercise leggings have the same soft material, I love the option to wear over or under bump. I also think these will get a LOT of wear during postnatal times. I remember after my last pregnancy when I got the all clear to return to exercise, I struggled to find trousers which supported my “saggy” tum. These I feel will offer a little extra covering and protection to my postnatal body.

SpeedBump Maternity active wear are a relatively new British company, and at the moment they don’t offer anything bigger than a size 14. This is a shame as I know I really needed a 16 in the leggings as they were very snug on me. I have now passed them on to a friend who is slightly behind me in pregnancy, and is wearing them to pregnancy yoga!


Items were provided by Speedbump Maternity Active wear for the purposes of an honest review.