Makita Power Washer

Our trusty Power Washer stopped working at the start of the summer. Living in the country, we use our power washer to clean mud from the car, as well as keep paved areas looking clean.  So, buying a replacement jet washer was a priority! When FXX got in touch asking if we would be interested in reviewing their site we knew what to select! After some research, we decided to opt for a Makita. We have a couple of Makita Power tools (we wouldn’t be without our Makita drill in particular!). Knowing the brand, made it an easy choice!

Makita Power Washer

The Makita Power Washer is quite compact, ideal if you don’t have lots of storage space. It’s 100 bar pressure, which isn’t hugely powerful but ideal for our usage – e.g. cleaning the car. The nozzle is variable, meaning you can decide how widely or narrow the spray is directed. The shampoo nozzle doesn’t appear to foam very well, but it may be the shampoo we are using rather than the pressure washer itself!

Over all thoughts..

I feel that the Makita pressure washer is well built, the parts feel as though they will be robust enough to last. It certainly feels more robust than our last one! I think this pressure washer provides excellent value for money, and overall we are very happy with it!



We were sent this Makita pressure washer for the purposes of review.