Wrapping and Packing at Christmas

Sending gifts to friends and family at Christmas is an annual event for many families. But, wrapping and packaging up parcels often feels more stressful than the Christmas shopping itself! Worrying about whether you’ve packed a parcel well enough, or where the parcel is! Well, Contact Numbers UK are here to help! They’re a bit like Santa’s little helper, ready to help you with a phone number for TNT to get your delivery queries sorted quickly. But also offering help on how best to wrap your parcels so they get to their destination safely! They’ve asked me to share my wrapping and packing tips with you, so read on!


Buy a good roll of wrapping paper, or use brown paper. Thin shiny wrapping paper is not going to help you wrap a parcel! A good quality paper allows you to wrap easily, as you can get really straight edges which are easy to fold. If you opt to wrap using brown paper, have fun personalising each wrap by printing on it. Stamps and ink are easy to find, and you will have an exclusive piece of wrapping paper!

Make sure you don’t use too much paper, if you use too much, your gift will look messy where you’ve tried to fold away the excess paper. Even if you don’t want to include bows, I think tieing a present with ribbon makes it look so much prettier than one without. It also helps the present to stay wrapped up!

Make the wrapping part of the gift, this is not as crazy as it sounds, I love to use vintage scarves to wrap gifts, they look amazing, and there’s no waste after the gift is unwrapped!



I tend to use recycled packaging. My favourite way to package fragile gifts is wrapping them in bubble wrap, popping them into a cardboard wine box, and then wrapping the box in brown paper – sealed with parcel tape. Though be aware that the person receiving the box pictured below was rather disappointed there was no champagne inside!

Wrapping fragile gifts

No bubble wrap? No problem! Newspaper scrunched up around your item works well, but remember, it will add a little to the weight of your parcel.

One of the best packaging resources you probably already own, is a bag for life. They are brilliant if you’re sending items you don’t want to get wet and aren’t fragile. They are strong and look quite fun when they arrive!

Always write the address label really clearly, ideally print it! And I tend to put a “RETURN ADDRESS” note somewhere on the parcel just incase there’s a problem with delivery!