Giving Books at Christmas.

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As a child, my Godmother would buy me wonderful gifts each Christmas. Her own daughters were grown-up, and I think she used buying me a gift as an excuse to revisit favourite gifts they had received. When I turned about 6, she started to buy me books. Not just any books, but rather special hardback books. Beautifully illustrated books. Books which I was really too young to read, but adored. One of the most special books she bought me was a copy of The Secret Garden, which I had until very recently. Closing my eyes, I can still think of the illustrations, and the story. Long after a toy would have been broken or forgotten about, the gifts she gave me all those years ago are still fresh in qmy mind.

I was lucky that my Father spent a long time patiently helping me with my reading when I was young. He would ask me questions as we were reading, and really encourage me to think about the books. Developing a love and understanding of books is a wonderful thing, and reading itself is an essential life skill.

So, what about giving books as gifts?

Books for Christmas
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Books For Christmas

The idea of this post was meant to be to tell you who I’d be giving the pictured books to for Christmas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist reading The Christmasaurus with the children, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the book unfortunately. However, my children loved it.

The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner is a fabulous children’s book by Terry Pratchett. My 8 year old read it more or less cover to cover. Then asked when we could buy more! I am pleased as it’s a new author to him, and I am always thrilled when he discovers a new author to enjoy!

Clover Moon is wrapped up for my niece, she loves to read and I am sure she will be delighted with this book. Jacqueline Wilson books are always a popular choice!

A hardback book is a great gift for Christmas, as there is something magical about opening up the hard cover and immersing yourself into the story! Do you gift books for Christmas?