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Star Decorations – Kids Craft

Do you need some new Christmas decorations but want something unique? Do you need something to keep the children busy while they over excitedly wait for Santa? How about having a go at making a string of Star decorations?

Home made Christmas decorations


These beautiful stars are currently hanging around our kitchen! They’re seriously easy to make, and are a great family activity!

How to make a string of stars..

To make the stars you’ll need salt dough, it’s really easy to make a batch I used the recipe from Red Ted Art. The children enjoyed helping measure out the recipe, and mix it into dough too!

Once you’ve made your dough, get rolling and cutting it out. We used the dough about 2cm thick. Some of the stars are very special Yo pressed her finger into the centre of the star. The finger imprinted star is going to be an extra special decoration in years to come! Make sure you then make a hole in the top of each star, I used a straw to make the holes.

Cutting out salt dough shapes

We then popped them into the oven at a low heat for about 50 minutes. Once cool, they should be hard! We left them over night just to make sure they were really hard! Then get decorating!

Salt dough star decorating

I let the children choose whichever colour they liked, but you could choose a colour scheme for your stars. You could also give them a coat of PVA glue once painted to seal the colour, but I rather like the rustic look! Once the paint has dried, thread string through and knot each star in place. Then they’re ready to hang up!

I love these as they’re home-made by the children, so they’re unique! They’re cheap to make, and will survive until next Christmas too! If you don’t want to hang them on the wall, you could use each star as a Christmas tree decoration!