Mr Tumble Soft Toy and Spotty Bag! #Review

Mr Tumble is a well-loved character from the CBeebies show Something Special. Golden Bear Toys have a range of Mr Tumble toys, perfect for children who love the show! We were delighted to be sent a Mr Tumble soft toy, and Spotty Bag to review.

Mr Tumble from Something Special Preschool toy


The Mr Tumble soft toy, has a friendly face, with a satin bow tie which lights up. Press his tummy and his bow tie lights up and you’ll hear a well known catchphrase. I was impressed that his voice his actually very good, you can tell it’s Mr Tumble – even when you’re not looking at the toy! The soft toy is a great size, for a toddler or preschooler to carry. Mr Tumble is regularly carried under one arm by my toddler, and she likes to interact with him by pressing his hand and responding to whatever phrase he says. I think that the fact she interacts with the toy is a good thing.


Mr Tumble toy


Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag, this is actually probably one of the most popular toys we have at the moment. It comes containing Makaton cards, with 5 simple things to learn to sign. I love this as it may help a child communicate with another child using Makaton. Yes it may just be one or two simple words, but when you’re small that may be all it takes to start a friendship. The bag is quite roomy, and my toddler loves to put all sorts of things into it whilst saying “Let’s put it in the Spotty bag!”.  The Spotty Bag gets used for all sorts of games, and I love the fact that my daughter will talk about what she’s put into the bag – and why.

I’ve created a small video so you can see exactly how the soft toy sounds. I think it’s sometimes hard to tell whether a child would love a toy without seeing it in action.


Disclaimer:  We were sent the item for the purposes of review.