I came across PiggyBankKids quite by accident on twitter a while back. Their name intrigued me as I’d never heard of them before, and when I learnt more I had to share.

PiggyBankKids was set up in 2002 by Sarah Brown after the death of her daughter Jennifer aged just 10 days, who had been born 7 weeks early. After the tragedy of losing her own daughter she made a decision to set up a charity to fund research to try to prevent other families suffering such terrible losses.

PiggyBankKids helps to fund the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory which undertakes research into why labour is triggered early in some pregnancies and the causes and consequences of low birth weight. This video explains the research and introduces you to one of the many people who are benefiting from the work of PiggyBankKids:

So what can you do to help? First of all follow Piggy Bank kids on twitter, and help raise awareness that they are out there! If you are on Facebook ‘Like’ this photo and give PiggyBankKids the opportunity to have their charity mascot run in the special charity mascot race at the Olympic Stadium!

As it is 2012 and the year we in the UK are hosting the Olympics why not challenge yourself (and friends!) to take part in a Gold Challenge for Piggy Bank Kids? You don’t need to be an Olympic Athlete to get out there and challenge yourself to take part in any of the 5, 10,  20 or all 30 Olympic sports and get your family and friends sponsoring you! Who knows you might even discover a new hobby in the process? Too energetic? Why not treat yourself to something from the PiggyBankKids Shop I love the disco piggy bank!

PiggyBankKids also support a range of other projects with several other fantastic children charities offering them small grants which provide them with invaluable extra support.
Remember every donation really is vital to the amazing work that this charity is supporting. To think that some babies are born weighing less than a bag of sweets and stand a better chance of survival thanks to this research is really quite special.