Kitchen focal point – American Fridge Freezer?

With Spring drawing ever closer, I find myself thinking about clean and clear spaces. Our kitchen is one of several areas in our home which has been a work in progress for longer than I care to admit. I’ve decided it’s a bit now or never and so we are planning to get it up to scratch before Easter . I’ve been sketching and writing down lots of ideas, and I think I’ve finally worked out what we (I!) really want!


I think every kitchen needsĀ  a focal point, and I’ve been looking at Panasonic American fridge freezers as I think they look really stylish and are practical for our family too! As a family of 5 we need lots of space in our fridge freezer, and as the Panasonic has an A++ energy rating it would be economical to run too, probably more so than our current fridge freezer!

Our current appliances are all either black or silver, and I really like the modern feel they all have so everything new needs to be in keeping with them. The first thing I need to do is have a really good declutter of all the bits we don’t use or don’t need, I keep things just in case, and in reality do I really need to keep that hand blender which has been in the box for the last two years? Our kitchen is well lit, so by changing the wall colour to a grey goose colour, re-tiling with fresh white tiles and ripping out the dated cupboards I think we could easily create a fabulous functional kitchen. I intend to replace the kitchen cupboards with shelving, this might seem crazy as it will expose the contents of our kitchen, but I am hoping it my help cure my hoarding tendencies! At some point I’d love to add a white marble work surface and a bell sink, but at the moment I think that might be stretching the budget a little too far!

So, that’s our plan for our kitchen.. what do you think? Is it too ambitious? How would you recreate your kitchen?



Post in collaboration with Panasonic, all thoughts and opinions are my own.