Saggy tum.. be gone! #MuffintopMonday

I’ve managed to miss a week, I intended to write last week but the week rapidly disappeared and I know not where to! The last #MuffinTopMonday post  I wrote was about the little things making big changes. I haven’t had the best couple of weeks, although I tried to be good and learnt about things that I eat..and how awful some of them are. For example, I would think nothing of eating 6 chocolates, but I wouldn’t eat 6 of those Pink & White marshmallow wafers as that’d be greedy right? The 6 chocolates actually contain virtually double the calories that the wafers do.. which was a bit of an eye opener..! I’ll be sticking to posh chocolates from now on as they’re generally to rich to eat more than two!

So, the last week has been about re-educating myself, but I’ve not lost any physical weight – or not that you can notice anyway. My diet hasn’t been great, but I have achieved something fabulous.. I’ve managed to squeeze myself into a pair of jeans which I haven’t fitted since 2013! OK, I could barely breathe in them, but it’s a start! What’s more.. my tummy sag is noticeably smaller, I was quite excited but wondered if I was imagining it, so I was pleased when the Mr confirmed that yes, there was a definite improvement. The tummy sag reduction has come from nothing more than basic engaging the lower tummy muscles, then relaxing and repeat, no sit ups, no plank.. I haven’t had the strength for any of that, although I think I may do now! Who knows, maybe I will one day have a flat rather than fat tummy again? Anyway, it’s a very small physical improvement but huge for my confidence!

So, the plan for the week ahead, really focus on my diet! I’ve written a meal plan, and I’m going to focus on avoiding the snacks. I’m going to step up the exercise, and continue to remind my body where my belly muscles are! I’ve reached out my yoga mat which has been hidden in the cupboard for literally years, and I am intending on doing some of the pilates exercises which I remember from the classes I went to a few years ago! I have toyed with the idea of joining a gym again, but realistically I don’t have the time to go regularly enough to make it worth while, maybe once Yo is a little bigger? Until then I shall continue to fit in exercise around my day and smile at the little achievements along the way. As someone once said it’s all about baby steps.




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  • Kate Holmes

    We share getting back into trousers this week! Great to have you linking up. I want to try yoga as have some DVDS to show me how. You can only do so much around your other responsibilities and we all have to accept that rather than beating ourselves up for not being perfect. Is there any greater feeling than the tummy looking less saggy? Will be trying your recommended exercises as hate my tummy area but it is getting smaller