Valentine’s Day, is it love?!

I have a love hate relationship with Valentine’s day, the romantic in me loves it, but in reality it has never gone quite as I imagine. Let’s start with Valentine’s day gifts, the shops are full of brightly coloured gifts emblazened with the word “Love!” and huge bouquets of flowers in various red hues. The Valentine’s gifts I’ve received over the years have bucked the trends and been, well, different – hoorah I hear you cry, well not quite! One of the worst gifts I have ever received was a carved melon, yes you read that right, a water melon which had been carved into the shape of..well something. It was not only a monstrosity (it wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Halloween table), but it also couldn’t even be eaten! Seriously, who wants a watermelon if you can’t even eat it?!


I used to get so excited about having a date for Valentine’s, especially the year I got asked on a date but a rather gorgeous fellow, and it was even more exciting when he told me he’d booked a rather exclusive restaurant – what a lucky girl I was! Everything was going wonderfully, until after the starters when there was something of a commotion in the bar area, and then what turned out to be my dates girlfriend came storming up to our table and without stopping she threw my food all over the fool.. I left them to sort that one out! The best Valentine’s date I’ve ever been on, involved a picnic blanket, bottle of bubbly and fish and chips. He took me to the seaside and we sat in the freezing cold, eating chips under the stars – yes I confess I’m hopelessly romantic and hence I’ve gone on to have 3 children with the man who took me on that date!

What I’m trying to say is, that most of us have had a Valentine’s day which has been utterly rubbish, and sometimes everyone wishes for some insight on love and relationships, I know I was always curious as to whether I was wasting my time on rubbish dates and what the future might hold. But stay positive, and remember just like that famous song says.. Love is all around!


Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with TheCircle. All words and images are my own.