Thinking about weaning..

Where has time flown?! My little girl is almost 6 months. We’ve been letting her sit in her high chair while we eat, and she’s already started to understand mealtimes and gets frustrated if you forget to put her into her highchair to sit with us! I think, we will baby led wean as Yo has already grabbed and had first bites of cooked carrot, and spinach…yes spinach!

Although I’ve weaned two children already, I’m still worried that we might start too early or on the wrong foods or something! I’m trying to remember to stick to ‘natural’ foods, and start with soft food which will disolve but I still feel like baby led weaning feels lots more complicated than the traditional spoonfuls of mushed up food used to be!


Getting used to her highchair, meal times are fun!

Getting used to her highchair, meal times are fun!

Have you baby led weaned? What worked for you?! Tips welcomed please! x

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