Dear Baby.. 24weeks with Yo

Dear Baby Yo,

How the weeks and months have flown, and you are now 24 weeks and so very much a part of the family. I cannot imagine what life was like before you arrived into our world! I intended to write a monthly update, to document all your special moments, but life has been busy and I have not spent the time documenting like I hoped. I can honestly say though, that I have smiled at you even in the middle of the night when you have woken the entire house up with teething or colic, you seem to have a magic way to make me smile, or perhaps I have mellowed with age?

As I type this, I am running on 2 hours sleep, the boys have a cold and neither could sleep last night, and you I suspect are getting their cold.. At the moment I am listening to you and E snoring quietly, and wondering if I should have a little nap, but I’m so aware that you a due a feed..I’m aware as I have a canon ball in my bra.. Yes I’m still breastfeeding you, we’ve got to 24 weeks with no formula at all, I can’t quite believe it. I also think it is time to move on, not because I don’t enjoy breastfeeding because I do, but more because you scream whenever I leave a room for even a second. While this is endearing, it is awkward when I need to do anything!

You’ve had two bottom teeth since 15 weeks, and although I can see the top teeth, they’re not through yet! I keep poking at your gums but they’re still not through! At the moment you grab for anything and everthing to chew on, and so we’re having to be strict with your brothers making sure they put their toys away! Your brothers!! They adore you, Boo dashes to play with you as soon as he is home from school, and E will always provide you with toys and cuddles. You are full of smiles and chatter when you see them, and sometimes I wish you would smile at me with the same glee you smile at them – perhaps you do and I miss it in my tired state? Another reason why I’m thinking of moving on from breastfeeding!

You can practically sit up on your own, although you attempt to look round to see what’s going on and topple over! You’re still in your snuzpod, and I have to say I will be sad when you move on from it and into a cot. I love you being so close at night, partly as I’m a bit lazy and don’t enjoy getting out of my warm bed in the middle of the night and so the snuzpod means I can just lift you into bed with me for a cosy feed..!

Rolling, you’re rolling around constantly now you’ve worked it out! Though you’re still better at going around your playmat like the hands on a clock!

I’m struggling a little as since having you, my thoughts on my career have altered. I think I’ve become more ambitious, but worried that now is not the right time to leap into the unknown. I fear you will look at me and wonder why I wasted my education if I don’t start to do something which I love. On the other hand, I don’t want to miss a moment with you or your brothers? Can I commit to anymore at the moment?