The 8 month baby update..

I thought I’d share Baby Yo’s 8 month progress, the things she is up to and the new challenges – for us and her! I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up!

On the move! Yo is army crawling, so instead of being up on her knees to crawl, she is wriggling along on her tummy. I’m not sure she’ll bother with “proper crawling” – her biggest brother didn’t seem to and was walking well before his first birthday. She can army crawl quite quickly..and I have found myself already chasing behind her ensuring the boys lego and cars are well out of reach! She’s definitely keen to chase after her big brothers, so stairgates and safety catches will be on my shopping list this week!

baby yo 8month

Food!! Yo is a great eater, she loves to try anything and everything! Her favourite things to eat are; mango, broccoli, and sandwiches. She prefers to feed herself, and is quite instant she feeds herself when the boys are having tea with her! I do find if I spoon feed her that she eats really quickly and cries if the spoon doesn’t come quickly enough!

Play! Yo loves rolling discovery balls, and playing with anything noisy. She enjoys it when we play singing games, and joins in by letting out squeals and arm waving – either that or the squeals are telling us to be quiet..!

Communicating! There’s still no Mama, but she makes lots of sounds. Ga, Ca, Da, La, MMMM and a mixture of sounds together. It’s almost like she’s forming sentences in baby babble, and she’s definitely learning about the art of conversation – i.e. speak then wait for a reply.

Sleep! Yo is starting to sleep much better, she wakes maybe once a night now? She’s still not over joyed at bedtime, but she’s becoming easier to settle and we’ve come so far in two weeks that I hope in another two weeks she will happily get into her cot..wishful thinking on my part? Maybe!