Nonabox – January Review

My January Nonabox arrived and I was excited as I really enjoy receiving a box of surprises for me and my little one, the boys usually have fun with the cut out task included in the box, and the boxes get used for building castles or storing toys, so we all love it when they arrive! This month saw two boxes arrive, as the contents didn’t fit into just one!

Nonabox January 2015 Contents
Nonabox January 2015 Contents


Ella’s Kitchen Sachets

Childs Farm Body Wash (Sample Size)

Palmers Skin Therapy

Cloud B Scented Cuddly Pillow

Thoughts on the box!

I was pleased with the products this month, the Ella’s kitchen sachets are for first stage weaning, and my older boys took delight in helping themselves to the ” The One” sachets which are fruit puree suggested for all ages. Actually quite a handy way to encourage children who aren’t so keen on eating fruit.

I’ve never come across Cloud B products, and the soft lamb pillow is fragranced with lavender tp soothe your child to sleep!  My 4 year old is delighted with it, and it goes on all our long days out, it is lovely and can be folded into a soft toy if not being used as a pillow.

Childs Farm, I have been meaning to try this for a while and the tractor made it appealing to my sons!

Palmers Skin therapy, always useful though the very first Nonabox I bought (pre being a Nona blogger) contained a bottle, which I’m still using! However it is a great product so I’m happy!

This is perhaps not such a great value box as some of the previous boxes, but it is a box where all of the contents is (or will be) used by us as a family and definitely worth the nonabox fee. Most of the value of this box is in the Cloud B pillow, and I have to say I think that it’s a lovely item if you have a toddler or pre-schooler as it is perfect for travelling with! I have to confess, I am now looking to buy another one for my 6 year old..!

Disclaimer: I’m a Nonabox blogger, all thoughts and opinions are my own.