#WIN Crayola prizes to celebrate #CrayolaOnTour

Crayola are celebrating 100 years of colour with a bus tour! The Crayola themed double decker bus is filled with interactive play zones! Get hands on with Crayola past, present and future! The tour begins on 24th August 2016 from 10am – 4pm at Toys R Us, Southampton (opposite Southampton Central Rail station, and just a few minutes walk from West Quay Shopping centre). There will be plenty of fun for children of all ages – from toddlers to teens! Visitors to the bus will go away with Crayola goodies and they’ll be able to enter twitter competitions throughout the week using #CrayolaOnTour.

100 years of Crayola

If you’re not near Southampton, don’t panic! Check out www.crayola.co.uk for updates on where the bus is touring next, and for information on what’s happening each day!

If that’s not exciting enough…To celebrate the Crayola 100 years of colour bus tour, we’re hosting a great giveaway where you can WIN Crayola goodies!

Crayola competition

We’re giving away a special 100th Anniversary pack of Crayola Crayons (RRP £9.99) and a Doodle Delirium! (RRP £24.99). To enter this competition, you’ll need to follow the simple steps on the Rafflecopter widget below!
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  • Kim Styles

    When I was a child about four years old I ‘helped’ the removal men pack their lorry when we moved home. They gave me some money as a present and I went into Ross On Wye with my big sister and I bought a packet of big Crayola crayons and a huge colouring book! i was so proud of my earnings!

  • Tracy Nixon

    I have always been arty so had lots of crayola crayons when I was younger! I always remember making art where you colour lots of layers using the crayons in different colours, then you paint over ousing black paint and once it is dry you use a piece of metal to scratch out a picture! The different colours under the black paint show where ever you scratch!

  • Hayley F

    I loved crayola crayons. I have memories of my mum buying tons of them for when we went on holiday. I was amazed hehe x

  • Kim Neville

    I used to like colouring with stencils with my sister and make nice designs for my Gran

  • emma walters

    many years ago, at our summer camping holiday fancy dress competition, my mum dressed me up as one!!

  • Iris Tilley

    I remember as a child using lots of colours next to each other then colouring black over the top of them then scratching and drawing a picture with the lovely colours showing through underneath.

  • Tracy Hanley

    when i was younger me and my sister used to tape a few colours together and make rainbow drawings

  • Chrissie Curtis

    I remember having one of those HUGE crayola sets that was like a carry case. I absolutely loved it!

  • Sandra Bald

    I enjoyed coloring when I was a girl. I would often outline pictures as I colored. I have a Christmas Coloring Book I got when I was a young child. For me it is Crayola all the way.

  • Rachael G

    I got given a fab crayola set for my birthday once – I loved it and had to make sure that all the colours were put back in the right place after use!

  • Rebecca williams

    I remember getting the biggest set of crayola I had ever seen for Christmas, I loved it 🙂

  • Becky Yeomans

    My first memory of crayola was with wax crayons drawing houses and gardens!!

  • Tammy Westrup

    I loved colouring and when you had cheap crayons that weren’t crayola they were never as good!

  • Caroline H

    I was obsessed with that weird greeny yellow colour of Crayola crayon. Everything got coloured in with it, which meant all my people looked like they had a rare tropical disease!

  • Alison Joyce

    I used to like using the white crayons and then painting over them to make pictures

  • Megan Adams

    I think it has to be the smell of the crayons! Takes me back to being a child again instantly (along with Play Doh!).

  • Jennifer Bruce

    I used to watch “Penny Crayon” and copy her! My favourite to watch when I was younger

  • Simon tutthill

    I still remember using these when I was a child,many many happy hours of drawing

  • Shelly Semmens

    I used to remember the vibrant colours my daughter loves art and she is 12 we have Crayola products everywhete

  • Leanne V McKenna

    It’s not my favourite but I tried to eat one once (hasn’t any child!?), it was not pleasant so it sticks in my mind! I did love colouring in though, always going outside the lines of course.

  • Paul Mawson

    Crayolas were my favourite as a child as I was always able to get the light blue sky just right when I was trying to draw pictures of my house in school

  • Louise Hayward

    I always had crayola crayons when I was little. I didn’t draw anything in particular with them, just thought they were really good.

  • Kelly Glen

    I used to have a carry case of Crayola crayons when I was younger and I loved all the different colours you got.

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    There is a trail around our local park with brass rubbings to do, we took my daughters around and used crayola crayons to do them. They loved hunting for “clues” and we got some fresh air!

  • Claire Willmer

    My fondest memory was my mum teaching me to do rubbings with my crayons of tree stumps and leaves etc. I remember having hours of fun 🙂

  • Eleanor Wigmore

    I remember having one of those crayon towers and I spent more time arranging it rather than actually using the crayons!

  • laura banks

    i remember i used to spend all my time organizing them into the right shades of colours

  • Jennifer Glass

    Love colouring with my girls have loads of crayola crayons. Lots of colour!

  • Barb M

    I used to use a variety of colours on paper, then colour over the top with a black Crayola crayon. I would then scratch the black off and make patterns showing the colours beneath. I always loved the paper around the crayons, it felt nice!

  • Claire Nutman

    I didnt have many toys, but i always remember having my crayolas, i loved peeling back the paper when they became worn down, and kept them all straight and tidy in their tin, great childhood memories, i always loved drawing x

  • Emma Nixon

    I used to have lots of colouring books. I would line up the crayons al sorted in colours and sit and colour for hours.

  • Ann marie Gould

    I remember making a rainbow. colouring random colours and then going over it with a black crayon. then using something sharp to remove the layer of crayon in an arc shape, I though that was so impressive when I was a kid 🙂

  • Zoe C

    I remember having some crayola crayons for Christmas one year when I was a kid and thought they were great because the colours were so much better than the cheap ones, my pictures looked better

  • Lisa Crowther

    I love the smell – it just reminds me of rainy days and me and my big sister getting crafty. I used to like doing rubbings of coins and leaves with my crayons…happy days. I always liked the crayola deep purple.

  • Natalie tod

    I used to love getting lots of different colours at once and making rainbows and lots of different patterns.

  • Anthony Harrington

    I used to love crayons when I was little, I used to get upset though if the wax paper on them got a tear or nick in them, I used to like them to look pristine for some reason

  • melanie gregory

    I loved colouring, i also used to like reading the different colour names on the side i tried to collect as many shades as possible.

  • Maggie Coates

    I remember getting a little box of just four crayola crayons from one of the restaurant chains. Not sure if it was pizza hut or a pub chain, where you got a picture for the children to colour during the meal.

  • John Tingay

    I am slightly colour blind, but I loved Crayola’s because the colours were so rich I could always tell which colour was which.

  • Katie b

    I remember having so many different coloured crayons when I was younger.
    Love to get my niece as obsessed as I was!

  • Sheila Sloan

    I always loved colouring with Crayola crayons when I was young and this stood me in good stead later in my geography degree as we had to produce very neat maps.

  • Catherine McAlinden

    I used to love the smell. When I smell them now, it takes me right back!

  • Sarah mackay

    I remember stealing my sisters crayola crayons when we were younger and drawing all over my bedroom walls.

  • Michael Rose

    I use to love using Crayola to draw, especially my favour toys, not my best memory but I also had to go to hospital as I put on up my nose.

  • Jo Carroll

    I always remember arguing with my brother because he used to keep tearing the paper off my crayons…the little monkey 😉

  • Jade Stokes

    Colouring books were always a favourite of mine and then selecting one of the many shades of crayola crayon to colour with!

  • Jodie Harvey

    i used to love all of the colours, they were like a rainbow and i would spend ages sorting them into colour groups 🙂 my mum used to print off disney pictures for me and i would use my crayons to colour them in as neatly and close to true colour as i could 🙂

  • Tracy Newton

    I know that this sounds daft, but I used to love all the different names of the colours of the wax crayons

  • bella smyth

    i used to spend all my time organizing them into the right shades of colours and i wwouldnt let my sis go near them as she kept eating them,

  • jennifer thorpe

    I absolutely loved colouring and I always coveted the big sets you could get. My favourite colour was and still is, purple

  • Sharon stanley (@Shandy2008)

    my favourite memory is my brother eating them and coming in with multi-coloured teeth lol.

  • Fay Smith

    Me and my sister used to make paper boats and we used to use the crayons to make them waterproof, loved doing that. I still make them now but with my children 🙂

  • keri brooks

    My mum always bought me crayons on Christmas loved drawing mum said I went everywhere with a tub of crayola crayons

  • Rebecca Mercer

    I loved Crayola crayons, I used to take them to my granddads and make him play schools he was really good at drawing so we always did lots of colouring

  • Beky Austerberry

    I love reading and loved crayola crayons because they have the name of the colour on them. Purple has always been my fave.

  • jessica woods

    I remember my jumbo colouring book which I would make sure every page was done and pack of Crayola crayons

  • Tammy Tudor

    I used to be so organised with my Crayola crayons i used to have a red stack crayola organiser and they would all be colour coded when i was colouring in too bad I’m not that organised anymore!

  • Simone lee

    me and my daughter Rachel was always colouring the disney books when she was little then we cut them all out and made a great poster with all the coloured items it was fun

  • Emma Fox

    Most of our drawing materials were Crayola – used to love the pencil crayons as the inside never seemed to break but perhaps this is because I didn’t drop them!!

  • Alison Johnson

    I have always bought crayola crayons for my children & my son started drawing with them continually! He is now studying art & hopes to be going to university to study animation – and it all started with a box of Crayola crayons.

  • Solange

    I used to love crayons when I was younger. I had lots of colouring books. My favourites colours were red and green.

  • Kelly Ellen Hirst

    My favourite memory is getting a whole case of crayola crayons for Christmas! I loved sorted them into colour order…

  • jules Eley

    I loved drawing apple trees and once I won a competition aged 5 drawing a tree with my crayons and it was put in the town hall 🙂

  • Becky Duffy

    Feeling like I was the greatest going back to school after the summer holidays at school with a fresh new pack of Crayola, and sharpening them with pride! 🙂

  • Louise Long

    Drawing Rainbows with Crayola Crayons was always my fave…just couldn’t resist making a rainbow everytime <3

  • Holly Neale

    I used to love colouring in at my Grandads house as he had crayola crayons! I loved all the different colours!

  • amy bondoc

    I just remember having lots ! i remember goign to my grandparents house with a carrier bag full of crayola crayons and a colouring book, then in the summer holidays my mum would always buy new ones and i could never throw away the old ones no matter how small they got so i used to hide them under my bed !

  • jen s morgan

    We always used to have crayola when we were kids. We always got a new set from ‘santa’ every year x

  • Meryl Rees

    I loved having a new pack of crayons and a colouring book every summer to take in the car for our annual holiday to Devon. I remember I enjoyed reading the sides to see what each shade was called.

  • Emma Watson

    We used to “sharpen” our Crayola crayons, gather all the bits in a glass bowl and then my Mum would gently heat it then remould so we’d have a multicoloured crayon! Remembered how proud I was to have a unique crayon 😉

  • Sarah Lee

    I remember I used to have a crayola calculator. It looked like a pack of crayons but the crayons had numbers on. I’d forgotten about that until just now, I used to love it.

  • Clare Hubbard

    I remember I used to love drawing rainbows, the huge range of crayola colours used to make them beautiful

  • katrina walsh

    I loved the packs that contained the various shades of skin colour in felt tip form, It was so helpful in my role as a Teaching assistant for children to find a match for their skintone

  • Chantel L

    I remember having the Crayola carry case full of crayons and using them for colouring books when I was young!

  • Andrew Gibson

    Just remember using them when I was at nursery. I think I drew a lot of trees.

  • Karen Barrett

    I remember Crayola crayons from school, each table had a big box in the centre, we had to make sure they were always put back in the box and in the correct way.

  • Michaela Hannah

    I used to love the smell of a new pack of Crayola! sad but great memories

  • Elspeth MacMillan

    I had Crayola crayons as a child which wasn’t yesterday and now I am buying them for my Grandchildren!! A true sign they are a quality product

  • Juli Savage

    Christmas time, have a box of Crayola Crayons and a big colouring book – im sure my parent bought these things to keep me quiet

  • David Crabb

    Not a favourite as such but pretty memorable was colouring in all the white bits of fur on our pet cat when I was a toddler 🙂

  • leigh boyle

    i use to draw with my granddad all the time he’d help me colour in the lines then complain when the crayon snapped haha x

  • Barbara Handley

    When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties I remember being thrilled to get Crayola crayons. Of course it was mainly just packets in those days not like the wonderful sets available now.

  • C Parkin

    I remember being amazed by the many shades of green you could get, and really wanting gold and silver crayons!

  • paula cheadle

    I am 48yrs old and I still love colouring ,the excuse I use is I am helping my grandkids, I don’t think that my 3 children believe me, but never mind.

  • Katie Skeoch

    We had the big crayola holder set & I had many happy days colouring my fashion design!

  • cheryl hadfield

    My memory was waking up one Christmas morning desperately hoping that father Christmas had brought me a Crayola holder full of crayons…and he did. I loved them so much and never let anyone use them except me. I would use them with my fashion wheel and always had to put them back in the correct order by colour..very organised unlike now.

  • Nicki Simpson

    I used to love when all the crayons were neatly in the boxes at school and preferably all the same length! I also loved when we were allowed to colour and I would be the first to try and get the sparkly ones!

  • Rebecca Hussey

    I’ve always loved colouring and often received a pack in my Christmas stocking. Now my children do

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    I liked to paint a piece of paper bright colours then colour over in black wax crayon. And then scratched a picture into it.

  • Victoria Cunniff

    I had a huge plastic see through case full of crayons, I loved it that much that I never wanted to use them, I used to just get it out and look at them. The one co,our I always remember was chartreuse, I thought it sounded really grand!

  • kayleigh dudley

    really weird i know, but i used to sharpen the crayons and keep the shavings because i liked the shaving shapes haha!

  • Lucy Robinson

    When i was younger I had a Crayola set. It was orange and look bit like a pyramid. It contained crayons, pencils and pens. Absolutely loved it.

  • Sam Parkes

    For Xmas as a kid I had this yellow box of about a 100 crayola crayons which I loved. I also remember a boy in my class sticking a crayola crayon in his ear and it getting stuck lol. That’s my memories of crayola

  • Gnei Usama

    I am quite a lot arty and crafty so always there will be a pencil purse which filled with crayola’s. I used crayolas pretty much for everything, like, drawing, colouring, banner writing, card making, crafting etc. Still I have my own crayolas and I don’t allow my kids to touch mine. Haha.

  • Lucy Chester

    When I was young I was brought a small box of our crayola crayons and used to spend hours playing with them and colouring in pictures were my favourite activity

  • Emma h

    I used to love the huge sets you got and having to colour in my colouring books trying to use every colour at least once!

  • karen laing

    When my children were young,these were the crayons that I bought for them before advancing to coloured pencils.It obviously worked as one of my daughters never stopped drawing,she was never interested in dolls,only drawing and she is now a very successful artist,and it all started with Crayola crayons.Now my young grand-daughters are drawing with Crayola crayons and one is very advanced for her age,the next future artist perhaps x

  • Hayley Todd

    I love Crayola Crayons when I was young and it’s the only brand of crayons I buy my own girls! I used to love spending hours colouring – I would outline in one shade and colour in another, so colouring would take me hours to complete one picture. I was also quite obsssive about how I stored them. I had lots of little pots, and colours of the same hue and shade would all have to go together – the thought of mixing red’s and blues in a pot – nooooo!!!

  • Jayne Kelsall

    I always remember using Crayola as a child to make my mum flowers, we didn’t have coloured paper so I used to colour the paper in and make petals with them .x

  • katy bulcock

    i used to melt all the ends of the crayons together and make one big multicoloured one 🙂

  • Deborah Mackenzie

    I didn’t grow up with Crayola, but remember them from my kids. What I love is that you can shade with them. But, I can remember when we used to do maps at school we always outlined in a darker colour before colouring in the country/area. I still love crayons, pens and drawing.

  • Ruth Wollerton

    I remember drawing on the walls when I was little with Crayola. My mum and dad were not happy!!!

  • Joanna Kasznicki

    I remember using crayola wax crayons all the time. We always got a pack at christmas and birthdays. My favourite was when we got the massive packs with all the colours. I would sit and read all the names.

  • Marina Owen

    I always remember the smell of Crayola Crayons. I used to love colouring when I was small and I always sharpened them with pencil sharpeners just so that my colouring could be more neat.

  • Tamara Payne

    the thrill of opening a brand new packet and seeing all the amazing colors and letting your imagination go wild.

  • Scarlett Orridge-Curtis

    My memory of Crayola Crayons is the smell. Just the thought of that smell, has bring back such good memories. Thanks

  • Carly Belsey

    I used to love colouring with my nan and now I love colouring with crayons with my little ones :-), as well as trying to stop them eating them!!

  • Jo Mather

    I used to draw horses all the time as a child, I was obsessed and still love to draw and paint animals.

  • Julie Edwards

    For one christmas I received a crayola box set with loads of crayons in and a crayon sharpener. It felt like the best thing ever!

  • Patricia Avery

    I was never very good at drawing but I could never resist the smell of Crayola wax crayons 🙂

  • Rebecca Miller

    I don’t have a specific memory or particular reason. But every time my sons are colouring, the smell of the crayons remind me of childhood

  • Holly Walker

    my favourite used to be in a club the yr 6s made for the yr 2s we did an activity that involved sharpening hundreds of 1/2 crayons, putting the sharpenings in a jar adding water, doing up the lid and creating our own colourful snow storm! used to love this!!

  • Jo

    I loved drawing houses with little picket fences and trees with a big sun in the sky. I would then draw myself wearing a pink dress as that was my favourite colour!

  • Rachael Marsden

    I can remember at xmas receiving, what seemed a huge crayola setwith every colour imaginable

  • Jayne Townson

    I always loved it when I had a new big packet of crayons, I used to love looking at all the unused crayons, planing what lovely things I was going to draw.

  • jackie beckett

    we always had crayons and a colouring book at xmas and always new ones to take away on holiday crayola were always best for colouring in the car on long journeys because they were hard to break

  • Tee simpson

    My favourite memory is getting crayola gift sets for christmas. I used to sit and colour for hours

  • Diana

    Oh, I remember the first little box of Crayola I’ve got from my mum, loved colouring with them my colouring book with animals 🙂

  • Laura Findlay

    I used to always love drawing with crayola as a kid. They lasted a long time and they have a lovely colour range. My kids now enjoying colouring with crayola x

  • Ema J Lowe

    its a fair while ago, since I was young and using these, I just remember having them when I was young, sorry cant remember much else. it was a long time ago.

  • Lisa Mcalley

    Oh it has to be about 7yr ago when my special needs son(then 5) picked up one of his older sisters crayons and spent a long time covering a sheet of paper in scribbles, he had been so so slow in developing and had not started to speak yet so this was a huge huge milestone, now he is 12 and he will not use any other item to do any art with apart from crayola, he says the other things feel horrible(due to sensory issues) He loves art too. His 2 younger siblings love them too.

  • Lisa Mauchline

    I remember drawing a dinosaur in school using crayons. I’m still proud of how good it looked. Just wished I had taken it home and not left it in the school

  • Kayleigh Robinson

    One time when I was about 7, I hid my crayons behind the radiator because my younger brother wanted to use them and I was scared he’d break them. When my mum turned the heating on, the crayons melted and stuck to the wall- I blamed my brother.