Welcoming in the Autumn months.

The sudden realisation that the summer holidays are at an end. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not a little sad. Yes, it’s hard when we aren’t in a routine and the children bicker, but there’s also more time to listen. More time to play, less haste.

Simply summer.

I am holding onto the simplicity of summer, making plans for days with no plans! Taking advantage of days when the weather is still mild, and embracing walks after school. Little things which I enjoyed sharing with them over the summer, like Friday night films are here to stay!

Autumn Walks

Autumn is approaching rapidly, I can see it as the days are already shorter and the trees appear to be changing colours already. But still the grass is lush, and there are flowers still blooming. After school walks are either holding onto summer, or welcoming in autumn, depending on which way you look at them. I think perhaps they are a bit of both.

The fields are harvested, and as we walk we can clearly see deer grazing in the fields. We try to walk quietly to offer us the best chance of seeing wildlife. I never tire of seeing birds of prey soaring overhead, and deer bounding across fields.

This year there seem to be lots of cobnuts growing, I wonder if it was the warm summer that has produced such a crop, or is it a sign of a cold winter to come?

Autumn Apples

Autumn means lots of apples. We have a few recipes which we love, apple crumble, and apple cake being firm favourites. I’m always happy to bake in autumn, and experiment with recipes a little. There’s something lovely about homemade cake after long Autumn walks! I’ve started to bake tray bakes more often, at the moment. Apple cake works well as a tray bake and are easy to cut and store for packed lunches over the week – if they last that long! I still have yet to invest in an apple press, but I keep looking at them! One day I will invest in one, and make cider!