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Should I buy a wetsuit?

Going back to my pre-children days, this wouldn’t even be a question. I had a couple of wetsuits in the cupboard and they were in regular use. Then I became a mother, gave my wetsuits away, and somewhat lost the will to be even slightly sporty. I digress.

One of the first things on my to do list of fun and challenges is paddle boarding. I had thought of surfing, but realistically I’m just not that fit. So, paddle boarding fits the bill and the bonus is one of my best friends is willing to come along too. So, here’s the question.. should I buy a wetsuit? Apparently we could just wear our gym kit. BUT there are two problems with that idea..

1.I don’t own a gym kit.

2. The water will be freezing cold when I fall in. (I would love to say I won’t fall in, but general consensus is that I will..continually..)

So, should I invest in a shortie wetsuit? Yes I could hire one but the fee for hiring is half the cost of buying a new one as they’re on sale.. So if I go will have paid for itself? What would you do?