To share or not to share..

When Elvis arrived, Boo seemed to have instantly become a brilliant big brother, admittedly we perhaps spoilt Boo when Elvis first arrived, and maybe this is why he welcomed him so warmly?

Elvis has started to move around under his own steam, he’s speed crawling and pulling himself up on the sofa. He’s not 9months yet, but Boo was walking by 9 1/2months.. It looks as though Elvis might go the same way.. Why is this relevant? Well, since Elvis can now move around, he can reach Boo’s precious collection of cars.. and this means tantrums and tears. Boo is quite happy for Elvis to play with the Lego Duplo, as he feels that is a toy ‘to share’ where as the cars no, they are ‘his’.

Sharing appears to be the hardest lesson to teach Boo, and while he will share – if he gets given sweets or other foodie treats he will instantly offer them around – he doesn’t seem to fully grasp the concept. But is it so wrong that he doesn’t want to share his cars? I mean I have things which are ‘mine’ and I wouldn’t let Boo, or Mr G touch? E.g. My jewellery box and my handbag?

Generally Boo is very good natured, and I wonder whether I’m taking the ‘sharing’ thing to far? Is it worth Boo being made to feel resentful over a box of cars which he has collected over the course of over a year (infact since I became pregnant with Elvis)which he fears will get ruined by his baby brother (and in truth they may well do..) While i do not wish to encourage him to be possessive about things, is it wrong that he learns to look after his things and in doing so keep them away from his baby brother?