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What is in your luggage?

It’s almost summer holidays! I’m not go through lie, I’m so excited I’ve already started packing! With three children I struggle with my own packing space, so my luggage is packed strategically! I start with a great pair of shoes which I can walk well in. This year Love the Sales have treated me to a new pair of Converse. Super comfortable and so eye catching, they work well with jeans or a skirt! They are perfect for sightseeing in!

Rose gold converse

Beach or Pool

I always pack a beach bag in my luggage. It makes it so much easier when you arrive to find everything you’ll want for the day poolside!


My essential flipflops are by Reef. I’ve worn Reefs since I was in my teens, they’re so comfortable to wear and great at the beach. Each pair I’ve owned have lasted several years and I’ve literally worn them every day!

The other bits which are essential to me are a book, suncream and sunglasses in  too!

Beauty Essentials

I always pack plenty of suncream, but a good facial sun  cream is essential. Make up wise I carry the bare essentials, usually just mascara, lip gloss, concealer and some bronzer. I always pack my normal skincare stuff and of course my perfume!


Having over packed for years I have just about got the jist of packing! I try to pack clothes which all work together. So a cardigan which works with a dress and my shorts. Tops which work with shorts or skirts etc. This means I don’t find myself running out of options half way through the holiday!

What’s in your luggage? Do you have any top tips?

Thanks to LoveTheSales for providing me with fabulous new Converse and inspiring this post.

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