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Maxi Cosi – Car Seat Replacement after Accident

The most precious cargo in my car is my children. Each time we get in the car I carefully make sure everyone is safely sat in their car seat and strapped in correctly. We have a rule, no attempting to undo the car seat until I turn off the car engine. I’ve explained to the children since they were young that car seats are there to keep them safe and comfy too.

So, what happens after your car has been involved in an accident? A few months ago, my car was written-off by another driver who had left the scene. My insurance company were really good, making the process as easy as they could. The claim handler explained that my insurance would pay £100 for each of my car seats. I suddenly felt anxious. Both car seats had cost a lot more than that!

I decided that I would shop around carefully for our next seat. That’s when I learnt about the scheme Maxi Cosi offer to replace your Maxi Cosi car seat for a new one after an accident. That means the amount from the insurance company gives you enough to cover buying a basic seat until your replacement Maxi Cosi seat arrives.

How does the after accident Maxi Cosi car seat exchange work?

The Car Seat Swap is just another way Maxi Cosi help parents to keep their children safe while travelling. That’s because, although the car seat may not look like it has been damaged after an accident, it may have been damaged in a way you can’t see.

Maxi Cosi Axis Fix Plus Review

Our new seat is the Axis Fix Plus it’s super easy to fit using isofix. There’s even an indicator at the bottom of the seat which turns green once it is correctly installed. This seat is incredible for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is perfect for newborn through to age 4. It has a wonderfully supportive newborn insert. Keeping baby snug and safely supported. I don’t have a baby the right size for the seat, so we’ve used a doll to demonstrate. It’s a rear facing seat until baby is around 15 months.



The really fantastic thing about this seat which I cannot say enough about, is it swivels to face the door of the car when you want to put your child in or out of the seat! No more struggling to lean across to put them into the seat and struggling to do up the buckle. You can easily see how well the straps are done up as the seat is facing you. It means I can fit my child into her seat in a much easier and safer way. Plus no more back ache from stretching over!


The Axis Fix Plus grows with your child.


You simply remove the newborn inserts, swivel the seat to front facing and adjust the seat height accordingly.

My daughter is 2, and quite tall. But there’s still plenty of room for her in the Axis Fix Plus. She and I both love the recline function of the seat – yes it actually reclines enough for a comfortable nap after a busy day exploring! The recline function is easy to use with her in the seat too – something we didn’t find so easy in our previous car seat. I asked her what she thought of her new seat and she explained it was “Very comfy, I like it!”



The Axis Fix Plus has quite a high RRP, but it is a seat which will grow with your child until they are ready to  move into a high back booster. It’s easy to install, and importantly easy to adjust the head rest height or straps for your child to sit safely in it. We have demonstrated the seat to friends who have all been impressed with how easy it is to install and adjust. Big thumbs up! This seat also has a LIFETIME warranty!


The Maxi Cosi website has a great tool which advises you on which seat is most appropriate for your car and  child. It’s well worth looking at before you shop.


Thank you to Maxi Cosi for supplying us with the Axis Fix Plus.