Ways to heal after Heartbreak

Collaborative Post

I was asked to share this infographic on Ways to heal after heartbreak. I think most of us have been heart broken at one stage or another. Whether you’ve ended the relationship or your partner has, there are ways to help heal your broken heart. I remember vividly getting my heart broken, for the first time – (he went on to break it several more times but we won’t go into that now!). It took me a long time to get over my heart break. Looking back I wish we’d made a clean break after the first break-up. Or that I’d spoken to someone about the situation which frankly was totally unhealthy. But, it’s easy to be wise afterwards.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship it’s quite hard to get used to not being in that relationship. You get used to falling asleep next to them, or the little texts they send you through the day. Even shopping is awkward, as you find yourself trying to buy that wine they used to like. But, it does get better. So, what healthy ways are there to heal after a heart break?

Infographic provided by The Infidelity Counseling Center