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My 20 Month Old

Looking back at photographs, there has been so much change in 12 months. I no longer have a baby, he is very much a toddler boy. It seems strange that a year ago he was still very much a baby. I feel as though we are racing towards being a pre-schooler.

Favourite things

Helicopters are a favourite. We see military air craft daily, so I think this is where his fascination has started. When N can hear one approaching he will run to the window and stand watching until it flies over. He will point and try to say “copter” or “ane”. This summer we went to the Bournemouth Airshow, and he was delighted to watch the planes and helicopters. I’m already planning ones to visit next year!

He also has a love for all things with wheels, current favourite toy is a Happyland Fire engine which my eldest son had when he was 2. I think it shows that plastic toys can be great, if they’re decent quality and built to last. We have looked after it for 9 years, and I hope once N has finished with it we will pass it on to another family to enjoy.


So, we’ve entered a bit of a fussy stage. N has developed a dislike of pasta, and a love of rice. He seems to like strong flavours, and is keen to try food as long as it comes from someone elses plate! Breakfast seems to last most of the morning at the moment. He eats before the school run, after the school run, and then about an hour later too. It means we seem to miss having a proper lunch? Back to school has thrown our schedule out!


The only reliable naps come on the afternoon school run. Which I understand as to be honest I’d quite like to nap through them too! Bedtime we are having to rigidly stick to 7pm, or he refuses to go to bed or sleep at all. Sticking with 7pm at the moment means it all flows nicely, and he is usually asleep by 7.30pm.


While we can’t hold a conversation, over the last week N has begun to really try hard to communicate. The natural pattern of a conversation has begun. He will attempt to respond to questions with great enthusiasm, mostly in babble with some hand gestures or pointing. He has also started to show a great interest in other children of his own age. Which means we are making friends wherever we go!