Health and Fitness

Summer Wellness Challenge…

I’ve set myself a Summer Wellness Challenge. Mostly because since having Covid in January, I’ve really struggled. Amongst other things, I’m tired all the time. And the tiredness is a vicious circle, I feel tired so I eat sugary foods or caffeine to perk myself up to get through the day. I feel myself perk up but slump twice as hard. Then I eat more or opt for more caffeine.

I took part in a Wellness Challenge last year with a group set up by a lovely lady over on Instagram. It worked really well for me, as it was a bit of a reset. And, right now I think I need another reset! Not having a fitness or weight-loss goal, which can sometimes be stressful I think. But an actual goal to look after myself as a whole.

So, I’ve decided to start eating better, slowly adding more exercise to my week and take some time to really relax. I’m going to start meditation – I’ve tried this before and it was a disaster as I ended up using the time to work out how to solve various problems. Well, this time I’m going to make sure I really concentrate!

I am not any kind of fitness or health expert, so this is going to be a bit trial and error. I’m going to use LifeSum to track what I’m eating and focus on cutting back on sugar and caffeine. I’m quite worried about that, as I am very reliant on both! I also plan to move a bit more every day. Even if I just beat my steps for the day before! I am planning literally baby steps. But I’m hoping to go into Autumn with a stride in my step! I’ve not entirely ruled out my 10k plans, but they are currently on hold.

I am also going to make time for myself to sit and read every night without fail.