Benefits of Water Filtration

Collaborative Post

In the UK we are lucky to have mostly good drinking water running through our kitchen taps. We perhaps rather ignore the benefits of water filtration. In hard water areas, people opt to soften the water to avoid amongst other things, limescale covered kettles! Our water supply is hard, and we use several tactics to soften the water. we have also become experts at avoiding limescale, and of course at cleaning limescale away! The process feels continuou!

We have yet to install a filtration tap in our kitchen, but it is certainly something we are considering. If only to save on water jug filters – and pesky bottles of water.

In the USA, 40% of homes have a water treatment system. There are many reasons why water treatment systems – and specifically water filtration are so popular. This handy infographic explains the benefits of water filtration in the USA. Do you filter your water?

Infographic created by Allgood Plumbing, Heating & Cooling