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Post operative and Mastectomy Bras.

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After breast surgery, you may be looking for bras to make you feel more yourself, or you may be just looking for advice on the most comfortable styles to choose. Belle lingerie have a range of post surgery bras to suit every need and style. They understand the importance of the correct bra helping you to feel supported and confident. This is especially important if you have recently had a mastectomy.

Post Operative Bras

Immediately after surgery, there’s a lot to think about. Whether you’ve decided to go flat, opt for prosthetics or reconstruction the priority immediately after surgery is comfort. (Your medical professional will be able to offer advice on when you can start wearing bras again.) Some may choose to go braless initially, others will want a soft post operative bra to offer some support.

Immediately, this may make you think of rather ugly practical training bras, but the reality is brands are creating bras which are practical and chic too. With a front zip, velcro adjusters on the shoulders and compression the Anita Care Valencia post surgery bra is practical post operatively – it is easy to get on and off, but also simply stylish.

Post operatively your bra needs are likely to alter, depending on scar location skin sensitivity and even breast asymmetry. So prepare to invest in different bras as time goes on – you deserve to be comfortable and confident.

What is a Mastectomy Bra?

Mastectomy bras are non-wired and usually have pockets for prosthetics. These are available in a wide variety of designs so yes you can wear a beautiful bra again if you want to! The straps on mastectomy bras do tend to be wider, to offer more support – something to be mindful of if you don’t like showing your straps. Bra manufacturers have moved towards fabrics which are kinder to sensitive skin to help relieve a risk of itching. So natural fabrics like cotton are common. I think the Helen series mastectomy bra by Anita is beautiful, the embroidered cups make it really eye-catching. With cotton pockets for prosthetics providing comfort against your skin.

Some mastectomy bras have pockets both sides, but some will only have a pocket on one side. If you are choosing one with a single pocket- do double check it is on the correct side for you.

A little note on breast cancer.

In 2020, 2.26 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer. It is so important to check your breasts regularly, and attend any scheduled mammograms you are invited to. Breast cancer doesn’t just affect women, men should also check their breasts. If you have any concerns regarding your breast checks, always seek advice from a medical professional.