Summer Holiday Shopping!

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If you’re off on your summer holiday (vacation) this year, you’re probably already thinking about what to pack. Planning the perfect outfits, plenty of sunscreen and if you have children – things to keep them busy! There’s a lot to think about, so I’m sharing my tips for easy summer holiday shopping!

Summer Holiday Destination

Summer holiday shopping list

If I’m grocery shopping, I have always automatically had a shopping list as it helps me ensure I remember to buy everything! But, when shopping for a vacation I used to just try to remember it all. The result? I forgot to buy essential items, which I then ended up spending more on – as I was buying in a hurry! So, a list will help you remember everything and could help save you money too.

Shop for your Summer Holiday early!

While last minute holiday shopping may seem fun, it can also be stressful – especially if you’re shopping online. By shopping ahead, you can often save on delivery charges and have plenty of time to exchange items if they are not quite as you were expecting.

Look for discounts

With everyone feeling the pinch right now, saving money on your holiday shopping is sensible – no matter what your summer budget! Saving money before your holiday equals more money while on holiday!

Remember to buy your holiday essentials – before you travel!

While it may seem a great idea to buy your sandals while on holiday, you may not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. For example I love Reef sandals, but they can be really expensive to buy while on holiday! So I like to buy an extra pair before jetting off! The same applies for things like suncream, which is often more expensive at the resort and also as I have sensitive skin I prefer to stick to my favourite brand of SPF!

Once your shopping is complete, next you can start organising your packing!