Lost Luggage

Collaborative Post

Do you fly on holiday or for work? I have to confess I’ve not flown in almost 12 years as I prefer slower methods of travel. However, I have to admit that I used to fly a lot before I had children. One of the worst things about airline travel for me personally, was putting my luggage in the hold. I had a huge fear of losing my bag, and I’d pack essentials in my hand luggage – “just in case”.

I always chose a distinctive bag to go in the hold so I could find it on the conveyor belt in arrivals! It would amuse people as I stood waiting for my brightly coloured bag. This bag still holidays with me now, all these years later, but is now dragged onto trains and ferries instead on the hold of a plane! I never actually lost my luggage, but it does happen, and luggage does sometimes get damaged too. Would you know what to do if you lost your luggage? Imagine arriving at your flight destination, and discovering that your luggage was not on the conveyor belt – what would you do?

I was sent this infographic on lost luggage, I think it’s a really helpful read! Interestingly in 2017 78% of Lost Luggage was actually just delayed! While still frustrating, it’s good to know that 78% of luggage did eventually get to the destination and was reunited! I think it’s important to read up on what to do if your luggage doesn’t arrive when your flight does, or is damaged just so you know what to do if it happens to you! So before the vacation season begins, this is one you may want to share with your friends, so read on;

Guide created by Xcēd a ground support equipment leasing and rental company.