Garden living!

Collaborative Post

Creating a garden living space may sound ostentatious. But, the reality for many with an outdoor space is we often spend a lot of time there!

With summer well and truly here, I’ve found myself spending as much time in the garden as possible. Especially in the evening! The garden is an escape from computer games, TV blaring and general chaos of a busy family home. Although, I confess my garden isn’t exactly a relaxing spot – with footballs flying and the odd stray bits of Lego to step on. But, it is also my space to relax with a coffee – and a book!

Creating your ideal Garden Living Space

I think the most important thing to do is establish what you need from your garden. Does it need to accommodate a family? Or is it a grown up space?

If you have children, ensure you create a space for them too. Allow an area where they can kick a ball, blow bubbles, build a den. Somewhere they can play freely.

If your outdoor space is compact, my tip is to avoid large outdoor plastic garden toys. Instead opt for garden toys which can easily be stored or which perhaps can blend into the theme of the garden when the children head to bed.

Making the most from your outdoor space.

I have always wanted my garden to be a space for all the family to enjoy, while also having somewhere I could sit quietly to read.

Our garden living space provides an extra space in our very busy household. Somewhere to dine alfresco, enjoying BBQ’s and get togethers with friends. We are lucky there is space for football kicking, and a corner for me to read relatively undisturbed.

As the children get older, I have become aware of the importance of the garden for family time. I have also contemplated how we could use the garden more year round. A large summer house is very appealing, as it could become a place for the teens to socialise. I’ve actually looked into sound proofing so music could be played loudly without disturbing anyone else. It could double as a family movie room with a projector screen.

Considerations for your garden living space

Things to consider when updating your garden space. Will any structures being added to your garden require kind any consent? If trees need to be removed check whether they can be removed, or whether they will need permission to be removed.

I also think it’s important to consider whether an maintenance will be required. If we choose a wooden pergola it will need maintaining annually to keep it looking wonderful. So, I’m factoring this into my costs.

Don’t forget outdoor electrics make a huge difference to your outdoor space. Being able to have outdoor lighting is wonderful, no electricity outdoors limits things a little! However, solar lights are fantastic – just choose them carefully and buy plenty.

Whatever you decide for your outdoor space, just make sure you enjoy it!