Thrifty Summer Holiday Planning..

With the summer holidays almost in sight, my thoughts are rapidly turning to how I will entertain my lively 6 year old while keeping the 3 year old out of trouble, and while I am heavily pregnant! Usually our summer holidays are a mixture of maybe a holiday, a couple of weekends camping, and plenty of time spent outside! So this year, I am concious that we will be at home, and while staycations are the new going on holiday, will it be exciting enough for a 6 year old?? I need to keep him busy and keep the costs down too!While we have been out and about, I have been scouring charity shops and carboot sales for things which we can do at home to make the holidays fun! I am very lucky that I have children who adore books almost as much as I do, this means when we see a sign in the local charity shop which says “any 5 childrens books for £1” we get a little excited! There are only 4 in this photo as the 5th book was a brand new Jolly phonics book, which the youngest was busy playing with while I photographed these! The puzzle book has never been used!



I also picked up a couple of board games at carboot sales which totalled £3 for both (although I have to confess this new version of mousetrap is dismal..the traps are a nightmare to set up!!!!)


I’ve also picked up a couple of things like a giant hama bead set which had been opened but clearly not used and the lady selling it wanted £1 as she wanted it gone! My logic is, if I prepare for days spent making things and playing, we can combine that with outdoor activities and visits to local friends/relatives so we should have a fun few weeks, without a huge price tag!

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