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Preparing for Baby..Baby’s hospital bag!

As baby is now term and so in theory could arrive anytime from now, I decided it was really time to start getting all the baby things I’ve been accumulating ready!  I’ve washed car seat covers, sheets, clothes, towels, you name it I’ve washed it! I think that I have everything and yet I have not as yet put anything in any coherent order, it’s just sort of..well..everywhere..!  So please excuse me as I rattle through the list of the baby things I’m taking to hospital for baby!

I’m planning to breastfeed, but as a back up I have got bottles, a steriliser and a single bottle of ready made formula ready just incase things don’t go to plan! Should I pack a sterilsed bottle and formula in my hospital bag *just in case* or just leave it somewhere obvious at home? I’m not sure.

I’m taking disposable nappies for when we’re in hospital, and leaving our gorgeous Baba & Boo reusable nappies for when we get home – simply so I can be a little calmer when getting used to fitting them etc! I must the disposables look and feel horrid compared to the Baba&Boo ones.

Wet wipes, I have packed two packets, yes this is probably loads too many (it is) but I have a fear of running out of wet wipes..especially when confronted with that early disgustingly sticky baby poo. I am also toying with the idea of re-usable wipes for long term use, but we’ll see how I feel once baby arrives.

Hand Sanitiser, ok this is technically for me, but I’ve packed a bottle in with the baby bits for nappy changing times.

Swaddle blanket, so these are a bit debatable at the moment (there are concerns that they may not be good for hips etc) but I have a gorgeous organic cotton one which wraps baby from shoulder to toe and doesn’t have to be super tight, so I’m planning to take it and see what happens – baby might hate it anyway!

Baby clothes.. it’s all about cute little baby sleep suits! I have got a couple for while we’re in hospital, and a special one for coming out of hospital – and an obligatory baby hat (well they’re so cute!). Of course my clothes packing is all planned with us leaving the same day we go in.. yes I do expect we will need at least 3 or 4 outfits just for the first 24 hours.. baby poo.. need I say more?!

Towel, I have packed a baby towel though whether we will use it or not I don’t know, but it’s nice to have with us!

Car seat..! That’s obviously not in the bag, but very much sat ready to go as how else will we bring baby home?!


Have I forgotten anything?! x






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  • Amy

    So exciting packing the hospital bags! Don’t forget your phone charger for those very important first photo opportunities! xx