How to Prep Your House for Carpet Layers

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So, have you chosen the new type of flooring and hired the professional to install it for you? Well, your task does not end here. There are several other things you can do that will be of tremendous help to the carpet contractor even before they arrive for the job according to Dober Floors.


These prep steps are really simple to do and do not require any expertise or skills at all. Nonetheless, these are quite necessary if you really want the installation process to end faster.
• Come Up with A Workspace: It is needless to say that when carpet installers arrive, they will need a separate space to work both inside and outside. It will be of great help to them if you could find them a proper space to park their truck. Since they will have to move in and out of the house often, it will also be a good idea to make this simpler for them. The faster they are able to work, the sooner will the installation job complete. When it comes to a workspace inside the house, it is already pre-designated.
• Lay down A Trail: When carpet installers work, they often have to move in and out of the house. Sometimes they may leave behind mud, sweat, dirt, and footprints in your house. These professionals carry heavy equipment behind them, which may easily cause damages to your property if not careful. Thus, it is always better to lay down a trail from the entry of the house to the area where the job is being done. You may use old towels for this or even drop clothes and cardboard. It will be a good idea to adhere these materials. Use a tape to affix the drop clothes or cardboard firmly on the ground to prevent any person from slipping while walking with heavy equipment with them. It does not make any sense if you are trying to save your floor and making it more dangerous for the professionals to walk around.
• Clear Out the Way: Normally, carpets are installed in rooms that witness high traffic, such as your family rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. There may be several precious and personal items of yours in the area through which the contractors may walk. It will be a good idea to get rid of all valuables that can easily break and are fragile before the actual work starts. Things like costly vases, glassware, and flowerpots should be removed to prevent them from getting damaged as the work commences. When contractors carry heavy equipment with them, it will not be simple for them to keep an eye on these items. There may even be costly items in the rooms where the carpet is supposed to get installed. Things like television sets, wall decorations, furniture, and beds should be removed from the room where you wish to install the new carpet. The emptier the room, the better it will be for the professionals while they work to install the new carpet.