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38 weeks pregnant, Insomnia.


I’m 38 weeks pregnant – hoorah, and yet the excitement is short lived as I am too tired to really be anymore excited about things. You see, I am waking repeatedly in the night as I am to hot, or too full of heart burn – or both. I got up at 4.15am today, mostly due to the fact I’d been awake for ages tossing and turning and trying to ignore the heart burn by thinking about other things. Sadly the worst thing to do seems to be to think about other things as then I began to panic about the other things, and think perhaps I ought to get up and start cleaning and packing and doing all the things I haven’t done yet..Oh no… the fridge is empty..which supermarket is open 24hours?! Yes really, I am that bonkers.

Eventually giving into my panic, I got up and made myself a cup of tea and sat down – legs up – to try to at least settle my heartburn down! The last few days have been a challenge, I suppose that’ll teach me for admitting that I have been feeling great, as now I do not.  The combination of heat, lack of sleep and two lively children plus a baby bump which appears to have doubled in size over night (and is constantly jabbing me in the ribs) is not a good one. I am tired, and grumpy and this leads me to start worrying that I am tired and grumpy..yes the vicious circle of parenthood. Is this some clever way of nature letting me practice what it will be like to have three children?!

Something which occurred to me, I have forgotten entirely what relaxation is at the moment, it used to mean a long bubble bath with a face pack, now it means getting into bed before 9pm. I think perhaps I ought to schedule some relaxing pampering time into my evening, as maybe that will relax me enough to help me not panic when I start worrying about what hasn’t been done for baby’s arrival? It’s either that or I need to hire a team of cleaners and organisers to sort everything out?!

38 weeks - Baby Bump
38 weeks – Baby Bump

I have packed a bag for the boys containing a change of clothes so when baby does finally arrive, it won’t matter if the boys are in their pyjamas when we have to drop them off to be looked after. I’ve doubled checked the hospital bags for myself and baby, and no, I have not packed anything for Mr doubt he’ll eat my glucose tablets though.. Does everyone pack a bag for their birthing partner?! am I mean? Is this something else I should be adding to my to – do list?!





  • Amy

    You definitely need to schedule some “me time” in somewhere for relaxation that includes nothing but you and relaxing! You both deserve and need it x

  • Carie

    You sound just as organised as me – it’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one who wasn’t all sorted out weeks ago! And as for the hospital bag – I usually put a spare shirt in for H, and he eats all the food anyway, the one thing I have to remember is his contact lens solution just in case we’re in longer than we thought we would be, but that’s a last minute thing anyway!

  • Molly

    I don’t plan to pack my husband’s bag – he’s a big boy, I’m sure he can do that bit himself! I know what you mean re. relaxing. I’ve been told off by the husband this week for stressing and fidgeting. I think now I’m in the third trimester I have this sudden panic that there’s too much to do – and I’m trying to juggle it alongside summer holidays and all my work deadlines. Yoga really helps me unwind, I go to a lovely class once a week which is an hour of bliss. And a good book too, when I can force myself to sit down long enough to read it! Not long now – maybe next week’s #BlogBumpClub post will be a “welcome to the world baby” one!

  • ghostwritermummy

    I really do feel for you. i’ve suffered insomnia all through this pregnancy so far and now that I can sleep a little longer of a morning, the kids are back to being up early!! I know I go on about it but I am SO grateful for the pilates and swimming as that is my down time and my chance to do something for ME. I wouldn’t give up those things for the world right now! I don’t think it will be long for you so hang in there lovely x x x x

  • Gill Crawshaw

    The 4am overthinking is the worst, isn’t it? I remember someone saying to me last time that the night waking was to ‘prepare you for life with a newborn’ when it doesn’t AT ALL, it’s just irritating isn’t it? Hope you’re feeling a bit better at the moment x