Garden furniture updating project.

We are lucky to have a big garden, with plenty of space. Our garden furniture is made up of bits I’ve bought from carboot sales, and it’s not beautiful but is robust. We’ve needed a new garden table for a while, but as always something else has cropped up and the garden table goes further down the list. I thought about making a garden table, in fact I started to put together the bits I needed to make a table with. ut I didn’t get much further than that. Then I noticed someone advertising a picnic bench, and realised it would be perfect for us.

It’s in need of some tlc. Sanding down to remove the old paint, and then oiling the wood. I have been debating whether to repaint it, but I think oiling the wood will get a better finish. Although until it’s been sanded down I am not sure!

There’s a couple of bits of the wood which will need replacing as there’s some damage, but it is otherwise really sturdy. I think it was probably very expensive when it was originally purchased. It’s an 8 man bench, so will easily accommodate us for family meals. I can’t wait until it’s ready!