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Family Games Night with Spin Master Games – REVIEW

Family Games Night!

Family games nights do you have them? We love to have a family games night. This year, with more days spent at home, games nights have become a regular occurrence! We were delighted to get the chance to review some new family games to play on our family games night!

Grouch Couch

The first game we played was Grouch Couch the children had seen an ad on TV for this, and were so excited to play it! It’s a hilarious family game which we all really enjoyed to play! It does need batteries – which aren’t included- but thankfully I had some in our drawer!

It’s a really easy game to set up, simply load up the tokens into the couch. Then roll the dice, load up the couch with how many items as indicated on the dice and press the remote – it’s on the arm of the couch! Watch as the Grouch Couch “eats” the items dropped on it, and see if it spits any tokens out. Each of the tokens are printed with different items you may lose down your couch – Some are hilarious!

I think that Grouch Couch is a great family game, best suited for the younger members of the family, but we did all enjoy playing it. I loved the way the couch makes lots of funny noises! It isn’t a quiet game, as everyone will be laughing – or squealing at the couch!

Beat The Parents

Family games night just got serious! I have to admit, if your family is as competitive as ours, be warned Beat the Parents will probably bring out the worst in you. This is a simple game, move around the board by answering the questions. The questions are different for kids and parents, and vary in how difficult the questions are.

There are also “Challenges”. Challenges may be team versus team, or one team member versus another, or just one person playing for both teams to “guess”. Whoever wins the challenge gets to move forwards two spaces. The challenges are where the competitive element tends to come out. This is great fun to play with a mixed aged group family. I do think this game is more suitable for slightly older children, my 12 year old loved playing this, but the younger ones found it quite hard to answer the questions.


We have had hours of fun with this game! Put on a headband, they’re adjustable so they will fit everyone in the household. Then pop a card in the band – which you mustn’t see! Turn over the timer and see if you can guess what you are by asking the rest of the family lots of questions!

Some of the things to guess are easier than others which keeps the game feeling fresh!

The Hedbanz game comes with sample questions to help you play, and my younger children found them really helpful! It’s been a great way of helping them to develop their questioning skills.

Every time someone guesses what they are, they win a token which attaches to the head band. The game ends when you run out of tokens. Whoever has the most tokens at the end, is the winner! Sometimes, I don’t join in the game myself, but instead take charge of the timer and giving out the cards and tokens!

We really enjoyed all the games we were sent for review. I think on a personal level Beat The Parents was my favourite. Mostly, as it was fun to be playing a game where they were “against” us. But, I admit that it did get very competitive.