So, you want a dog?

Having a dog as a pet can be the perfect addition to the family, but taking on a dog is a big commitment that needs to be thought about carefully. You need to consider how much time you can dedicate to exercising your dog, some dogs will need lots of exercise each day (more than 7miles) while others will be happy with shorter walks. Consider whether you have a garden, how big it is, and whether it is safely enclosed – or can it be? Even quite big dogs can wriggle to squeeze through quite small gaps in fences if they decide too!

Most dogs prefer company, so if you are out to work long hours you will need to consider a dog walker to visit your dog during the day, as bored dogs not only make noise barking, but can also become destructive.. I’ve heard of people coming home to holes chewed in furniture, walls, and worse. Vets bills, things like annual injections, tick and flea treatments and worming treatment, are regular bills for a pet owner. You should also allow for unexpected bills, incase your dog is ill or injured, even simple ailments can create big vets bills very quickly, so it’s worth having a contingency fund just in case.

Black Labrador


Feeding your dog a healthy diet is really important, choosing the right food for you dog and ensuring you don’t over feed it by following the feeding instructions is vital. You might also opt for a specialist diet for your dog, like a grain free dog food. It’s also vital that you learn what you must not feed your dog, things like chocolate and grapes should never be fed to a dog, instead if you want to feed your dog a treat buy dog specific treats and never over feed them.

Dogs like their own space, if you have children it is important that they learn that the dog bed is out of bounds for them, just like the dog will learn that the children’s beds are not for him to sleep in! This way if the dog goes off for a sleep in his bed, hopefully the children will leave him in peace!


Collaborative post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.