Stepping into the New Year and I immediately stop myself from making utterly ridiculous resolutions. I know that for the first week back to school I won’t be in bed by 9 reading my book – although I really ought to be…

The reality of the first week back after the festive break is organised chaos. Where is the PE kit we do carefully packed away before Christmas? Who has taken the spare shoe laces? Where are the shoes? Why didn’t you tell me your bag is broken? This is a fairly accurate dialogue of each day after the festive break.

Instead of making resolutions which will leave me exhausted, my new year tactic is just to get organised to leave more time for the fun things in life!

New year – Planning for success

I’ve never forgotten the phrase, “Failure to prepare is preparation to fail” and I often over plan as a result. But, that’s better than the alternative surely?

The first week back, I scoop up my diary and plan the first few weeks of the year. Where do I need to be and when? I check all those little appointments – dentist, opticians all those things which may get forgotten. Then I make a list of things I need to book, whether it is the vet or the mechanic the list is created. A list of mundane tasks which can often see me through the first quarter of the year. But planning now, prevents panic later!

The financial review

New year and do we need all these subscriptions? Probably not… brighter days are coming and no one watches that TV subscription anyway. I’ve cancelled all the unnecessary subscriptions – whether TV, audio or even subscriptions for food items. They may have saved money at the time I subscribed, but they are unnecessary now.

The Wardrobe review

Growing children and our house resembles a jumble sale with outgrown clothes strewn around the house. I used to methodically keep everything, but I’ve learnt that often they prefer to wear their own styles of clothes. So I ask them – do you think you’d like this when you grow big enough to wear it? Sometimes they will reply yes and I will fold it away for when they have the next growth spurt, but if they say no – I send it straight to charity. I have had to stop feeling emotional over outgrown clothes…and I apply that to my own too!

New year Meal planning

I have taken great pleasure in planning meals for the month. I allow a little flexibility in which day we eat what, but the plan for a month of meals is in place! Meal planning can seen tedious, but I find not having to decide what we will eat quite helpful on busy evenings. Meal planning also helps us clear the freezer – ready for a spring clean. Oh, and save money on our groceries during January. You can find great meal planning ideas here if you are struggling where to begin!

So, I’m stepping into the New Year feeling more organised. Let’s hope it lasts!