It’s a New Year – Let’s look forward!

I’ve seen so many posts looking back at 2015, and while 2015 was an AMAZING year for me, I don’t see the purpose in recapping what has gone.. Yes, you may have missed something amazing, but I’m sure I’ll have something equally amazing happen for you to read about in 2016! So, this post is all about looking forwards to what 2016 will bring!

I have nothing amazing planned, so I can’t promise you that I will be writing about a birth, marriage or amazing journey, but I do have ideas. Ideas of what I’d love to do, where I’d love to go, and what I’d love to write about. I guess you could say they’re resolutions, although some I am realistically aware that I may not manage (in the same way as when I was 18 I swore to quit chocolate for the year..I made it until Easter and then failed miserably).

I want to make plenty of time for fun with my little ones, already I wonder where time has flown, today I found myself anxiously looking around for where my eldest son was, only to then realise he was infact infront of me.. Aged 7 he already looks like a child of atleast 11 and with his huge eyes peeping from behind his surfer style blonde locks he’s suddenly so grown up!


My plans involve learning to make adequate time for myself. There’s always room for me in MumME, so being a Mummy means I should make time for me! It’s ok to sit and read a book or get my hair cut in a totally grown up salon once in a while! I do want to get fitter again, and start to eat a more varied healthier diet, but I don’t want to “diet” as to be honest, been there and done that.

I plan to be some what greener with our lifestyle, but I’ll be writing more about that over on the Goriami Family. I’m hoping to start living in a more sustainable manner, so I will be making small changes towards that – small changes add up!

Travel, we will undoutedly be travelling again this year, but where is still a matter for strong debate. I have a growing list of places I want to visit, but budgeting to get there will take some doing! Especially as I have a very dear friend with a hen party abroad later in the year..!

While I’m not sure where 2016 will take me, I’m sure that the journey will be interesting, and as with any journey there will be times when I tire, or look back, but to get to a beautiful destination you have to travel. Bring it on 2016!




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  • Laura's Lovely Blog

    What a lovely post. I was feeling glum about Christmas being over so did the what I am looking forward to game (it’s a thing I usually do at the end of our summer holidays) with my husband and you’re right bring it on and hopefully it will be a fab year 🙂