Keep organised at home.

Collaborative post.

The end of the school year is here and we are at the peak of excitement about the summer holidays! The end of the school year always makes me look ahead to what the new school year will bring. September is always the time for new starts. Whether it is new classes, teachers or places of learning. I always found myself keen for a fresh subject learn or a new job!

With new starts comes new paperwork, and lots to remember. As a household of six, this means a lot to organise at home! And, unfortunately I’m not the best at organising paperwork!

Home organisation.

This year I’ve got plans to start organising myself a little better. I need to have a better filing system for our family paperwork. Currently all the important documents are housed in a box. It’s not the best filing system as it takes ages to sort through! I quite like the idea of getting office lockers and allocating one for every one! An elaborate but easily workable way to keep all the important stuff organised – and safe for each of us! Plus I have to confess I quite like the industrial look and adding lockers may allow me to really explore that trend in my home office!

Keep on track

I used to keep track of calender events with a simple calender on the wall. However, I’ve discovered it is easier to work with a large whiteboard instead! A whiteboard enables me to update any changes to the weeks plans quickly and easily. It’s my top tip to helping stay organised!

Make time to plan.

Every week, I make time to organise myself. So even though my calendar is busy and hectic, I keep control by allowing myself half an hour planning for the week on a Sunday afternoon. This means I don’t miss that dentist appointment which has been in the diary for months but slipped under the radar! It also means Monday morning is as calm as it can be, no matter how busy my day is!

Do you have any ways you like to keep organised?

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